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Why the Realize Opportunity is Important to You and Your Family Today

Monthly food storage plans to fit any budget.
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To Pursue Excellence, To Help People Develop; To Encourage Health, To Pursue Financial Freedom,
Realize; The Time is Now

Be prepared.

It’s impossible to foresee every challenge the future might bring. You cannot predict natural disasters, inclement weather, accidents, unemployment, or any potential disruption to your daily routine, no matter the scale. Your job is to prepare and plan for what you can control, especially when it comes to taking care of the basics, like building an adequate food storage supply.

Eat well.

Realize makes gourmet daily meals designed for convenient long-term storage. Our revolutionary mylar packaging methods protect our food from oxidative damage while preserving flavor, quality, and full nutritional value. Each recipe has been carefully formulated by our professional chefs to maximize flavor for nutritionally rich meals that are easy to prepare, conveniently portioned and packaged with a 25 year shelf-life guarantee.

Direct sales.

With Realize, you can help yourself while helping others simply by sharing our common sense approach to building a long-term food storage with family and friends. As a Realize Distributor, you can earn a percentage of each sale made from both retail/wholesale sales, bulk sales, and monthly [subscription] orders. These commissions are paid out weekly or monthly depending on which track and have unlimited opportunity for growth, including an option to pay for your own food storage needs with your earned commission balance.

About REALIZE Foods

The cost and logistics of long-term food storage can be staggering and out of reach for families who have a strong desire, but might lack the funds to get their family prepared.

Realize Food Company began with the sole purpose of helping families with a structured, simple, and affordable path to build their food storage supply without overextending their finances. Realize then saw the opportunity to combine their affordable approach to food storage with a viable income opportunity rewarded by helping other families to do the same and get prepared.

With the Realize food Company program, there are no long-term contracts, no long-term commitments, and no signatures needed. Realize has finally brought a program to the table that allows the customer to create a budget that they can afford and get the emergency food in a place that everybody needs. There are no interest rates, just a flexible monthly budget that the customer determines that’s easy to adapt and change as needed, and dependent on what you can afford.

Realize Food Company provides an avenue to building a functional, nutritionally sound (and delicious!) food storage supply along with a viable income opportunity - allowing everyone the ability to build up their long term food storage and add to their financial security. Join today and join the preparedness revolution sweeping the United States.

High-Quality, 25-Year Shelf-Stable Nutrition

Realize recipes are created by our talented chefs using whole foods and only the best, all-natural ingredients. We don’t use preservatives or artificial additives and our recipes are also GMO-Free, Gluten and Allergen Free, FDA approved and made in the USA. We utilize the highest standards of thermal packaging to guarantee all Realize meals are freshly preserved and 100% safe from any exposure to harmful substances or outside exposure to maintain our reliable up to 25-year shelf life.

Unique Products for Unique Times













5 Ways To Make Money


Fast Start Pack

Purchase a Realize Food Company Fast Start Pack and become a Distributor and earn commissions through introducing others to the opportunity to become Realize Food Company Distributors and earn commissions in all of the 5 ways our dynamic Compensation Plan pays.


Retail Sales

Share your passion for getting prepared and introduce your friends and family to Realize Food Company products. Get paid weekly for all retail sales you make through your own personal Realize Food Company!



Earn a higher percentage of bulk sales where your customers purchase their entire food storage supply up front. The bigger the sale, the more money in your pocket. Everybody wins!



Build a team and earn a residual income. Our fast building 2x12 matrix fills as you build your team and continues paying out long after the hardest work is done.



We’ve set aside 5% of total company volume to be paid out monthly to our high-level performers. Rank in the top 5 levels and receive a percentage of our total company volume. The higher you rank, the better your bonus check. Money in your pocket!

Realize is an awakening and understanding of our surroundings, the world we live in, and what we need to do to protect our place and secure our survival. Realize is not procrastination or a mindset promoting thoughts like, "that will never happen to me." Realize is forward thinking in both thought and action. Realize promotes abundant preparedness bringing peace of mind and security in all things. Isn't it time you stared to Realize?